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4 August 2023

Updated: Jan 17

A message from our Principal Angie Mastoras

Dear Families I know you can appreciate how important the week before a production can be. This week has been full of energy and excitement and Trish, our students and our staff have been preparing for this wonderful event next Tuesday evening. We look forward to welcoming you all to Crossways to see how talented your children are. Thank you to absolutely everyone who has contributed in so many ways - costumes, support and the organisation of their children to ensure everything runs smoothly!! We hope that we may all model on the words of St Mary of the Cross “We must teach more by example than by word”. Her Feast Day is on 8 August and as a school we will celebrate this occasion on Friday, 11 August with a prayer service at 3.15pm. All are welcome to join us in the St Roch’s Hall.

100 Days of Prep Celebrations - A terrific celebration!

Congratulations to all of our Prep children who celebrated 100 days of school yesterday. We hope that all of our children enjoyed a fabulous day as they all arrived dressed in costumes with a focus on 100! Thank you to all of our Prep families who went to great lengths to have our children dressed so fittingly and for making the effort in your busy days to join us in the morning. A delightful day with so many wonderful activities. Thank you again to all the parents who baked cupcakes, provided food and a gorgeous balloon garland!! Thank you Marie!!

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

So many wonderful celebrations over the last fortnight - we are still feeling the joy from our Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day- thank you so much to Jess Mount and all of our families who supported this amazing morning. I wanted to share with you a message I received from one of our special visitors reflecting on the day; … I wanted to thank you and your lovely teaching staff and students for a wonderful morning yesterday. You all did such a great job to ensure all the grandparents/special friends of the children got the opportunity to visit the children in the classroom followed by some entertainment and cuppa in the hall afterwards. The parents who provided the delicious morning tea did a great job and a big thank you to them. It was lovely to visit classrooms and spend a little time in their school day space. St Roch’s has such a warm and welcoming feeling … it comes from the Principal and flows down through the staff. Thank you once again for a wonderful morning. It warms our hearts when people in our community take the time to share such positive feedback with us, thank you

Newsletter 4 August 2023
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