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St Roch's Parish Primary School 

Virtue Alone is Noble


The Victorian Curriculum states that:
Learning languages in addition to English extends students’ literacy repertoires and their capacity to communicate.  It strengthens students understanding of the nature of language, culture and the process of communication. (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority 2016.) The Italian program gives the students an excellent cultural and language experience while learning a
second language. The study of the Italian language develops a greater awareness of English and literacy skills which impact on a wide range of competencies used in day to day living. While promoting the value of culture and the intercultural capability of understanding and respecting diversity, the program fosters intellectual development of the students in an interconnected and interdependent world. The students are encouraged and provided opportunities to use Italian as much as possible for classroom routines, social interactions and
structured learning tasks. They use a wide range of texts, stories, songs, teacher-generated materials, online games and online resources in the creative, diverse and interesting program. The Italian program also makes links to class Inquiry units and includes STEM activities.

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