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St Roch's Parish Primary School 

Virtue Alone is Noble


At St Roch’s Mathematics is taught in a way that enables our students to effectively and efficiently apply their understandings to problem solve in an ever changing society.  We endeavour to instil a sense of curiosity and wonder through our teaching which aims to develop an ongoing interest and enjoyment of Mathematics.


Mathematics allows students to communicate with and understand the world around them. At St Roch’s a minimum of five hours per week is dedicated to learning mathematical skills such as representation, interpretation, reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills across the domains of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Mathematics is also integrated into the other STEM disciplines through our inquiry approach to learning.


Effective and efficient mathematical strategies and ways of working are explicitly taught and learning intentions and success criteria enable students to enter a task at their point of need. The students at St Roch’s are assisted to develop speed and accuracy in computation as well as to problem solve and think critically in mathematical investigations that are applied to real world situations.


Teachers have a deep understanding and knowledge of the curriculum and the developmental stages of learning Mathematics. They monitor and assess students’ understandings of concepts in order to identify learning needs and to set challenges.


Parents are kept informed of current best practice and how they can support their children’s learning through educational workshops, classroom helper training and dialogue with classroom teachers. Classroom helpers are encouraged to assist in numeracy lessons at St Roch’s.

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