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St Roch's Parish Primary School 

Virtue Alone is Noble


At St Roch's we value the role that Visual Arts playsin developing our students as creative and critical thinkers.  We believe that art is a universal language that gives our students the opportunity to be global citizens and equips them with the skills that they will need for their future careers. Our Visual Arts Program is guided and inspired by our whole school Inquiry Units. Our students are given the opportunities to express their observations and ideas both individually and collaboratively through mediums such as clay, paint,
collage and digital form. We encourage our students to develop a growth mindset. Persistence and resilience are important skills for our young artists as they trial new techniques and mediums to communicate their ideas.  Our students artistic learning is also deepened by our connections with Scienceworks, the National Gallery of Victoria and our collaborations with other Catholic primary schools in STEAM and languages funded by Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS). Our wonderful St Roch"s Art Exhibition is held every second year. This is a significant event on our school calendar as it brings together our community of parents, parishioners and the wider community. This exhibition is a celebration of our students artistic endeavours and each child takes pride in presenting, displaying and discussing their artworks with their audience.

2020 Art Exhibition - The Armchair Traveller
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