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St Roch's Parish Primary School 

Virtue Alone is Noble


St Roch’s is committed to developing students who think critically and creatively and are empowered to be collaborative problem solvers. To accomplish this, we aim to expose students to opportunities that allow them to create innovative digital solutions to meet and redefine current and future problems.


The integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program at St Roch’s develops in our students the digital literacy skills they need to contribute in a connected world.  We strive to move our students’ learning beyond the boundaries of school and engage families, local and global communities to support, extend and challenge their learning. We seek to develop in our students a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts. We believe technology can be transformative and we encourage students to use technology to design, create, problem-solve and collaborate. All our students have opportunities to develop skills in creating digital projects using coding programs such as scratch and scratch Jr. and bring their coding to life with such electronic invention tools as Makey Makey.


The students use a range of hardware (including iPads, laptops, desktops, Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards) and software throughout the year levels at St Roch’s. Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and interactive whiteboards/displays to facilitate group viewing and discussions. Students have access to a suite of software to support their learning needs including the use of G Suite, SeeSaw, Scratch, ScreenCastify, WeVideo, Flipgrid and Mathletics as well as a variety of apps, programs and websites.


We use technology to:

  • facilitate creativity and innovation

  • develop information fluency

  • support communication and collaboration

  • extend research and information fluency

  • model and practise safe, legal and responsible cyber behaviours.


Our staff stay up to date with the latest programs and innovations with regular professional development to ensure that our students are provided with avant-guard experiences. The school’s programs and professional learning expose our staff and students to the latest technologies that support computational, design and systems thinking.


We believe that informed students and parents create a safe online community. At St Roch’s we emphasise a need for digital citizenship. This involves using ICT in a safe, legal and responsible way. Digital Citizenship is taught throughout the year, both explicitly and across many curriculum areas. The students learn how to be responsible digital citizens by respecting and protecting others and ourselves whilst also being aware of the rules around copyright and plagiarism. Parent workshops are provided so our community can learn about maintaining a safe online learning environment for their children.


At St Roch’s we are creating students who are creative and innovative and we endeavour to inspire them to be agents of change now and into their future.

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