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10 September 2021

Updated: Jan 17

We have had such a fun and enjoyable week! Our Year 3/4 Students have been improving their writing by focusing on sizzling starts to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of their narrative writing pieces. Our newsletter is full of wonderful examples. On Wednesday afternoon, the staff participated in a webinar with Carley McGauran. We enjoyed 60 minutes to focus on us, not planning lessons, not talking curriculum, not our family, not our friends...just us! As a psychologist for 20 years, a Mum for 15 and managing (like all of us) the curveballs that 2021 is throwing at us, Carley shared her relatable take on self-care. She shared evidence based, practical ideas.

Finally our Prep and Year 1 students have gathered online to enjoy each other's company and have some fun! The had their very own Monster Day where all their learning was monster themed and even dressed up for the day and danced along to the Sesame street version of the Monster mash!


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