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13 May 2022

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 13 May 2022
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It was lovely to see so many mothers, grandmothers and special friends in our school on Friday for the Mother's Day Breakfast. We hope that you continued to be spoilt as you should at ALL times. Thank you to all involved with the Mother's Day events, to Rasad, Matt and their group of assistants and Deb and Monique and their assistants and Elke for the delicious muffins and her mother for the scrunchies.

What a wonderful beginning to Term 2 for our students and staff with the Year 3/4s going to Como House, Year 1/2s going to the Zoo, the Year 5/6s going to Grantville for their Camp, the Prep to Year 6 Cybersafety online incursions, the Perceptual Motor Program in Year Prep and Year 1 and today's Cross Country event for many of our students in Years 3 to 6. Alongside these activities we know that the students are engaging in rich learning. The sound of ukuleles in the school over the last two days has been enjoyable as well

It was wonderful to join together this week in our school hall for the Year 4 First Communion Family Night. A night of family conversations about celebrations, family First Communion experiences and a deeper understanding of how special this Sacrament is, where special historical events happened and what it means for us as a part of St Roch’s Parish.

This weeks newsletter is full of photos highlighting the wonderful experiences of all of our students. We feel so lucky at St Roch's to be providing our students with rich and engaging learning.


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