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Newsletter 14th June 2024

Dear Families,

We hope you are keeping warm during these cold Winter days. We hope those around us who are not feeling well or are undergoing medical support recover quickly. A special quality of the community at St Roch’s is the care and support families receive behind the scenes. These acts of kindness are central to our values and character at St Roch’s. Kindness is not just a fleeting gesture but a catalyst for driving positive change and energy around us. Studies have shown that when we perform acts of kindness, our brain releases chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, which make us feel happy and connected. Kindness is also associated with boosting mood, reducing stress and anxiety and lowering blood pressure. You may have heard of 'paying it forward' where one person does something selfless in the hope the next person, if they are able, will show that same kindness to another. Our hope is for all of our students to model the kindness shown by their parents, our staff and the people around them to develop their empathy for others and contribute positively to the world around us in the future. A ripple effect of kindness can spread widely.

How can you be the first stone in the school river to start a kindness ripple today?

Newsletter 10 14 June 2024
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