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17 March 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 17 March 2023
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Dear Families

There is so much to be grateful for and as we end Week 7 of Term 1 on such a sunny Autumn day. We have

much to celebrate with so many activities happening at St Roch’s. We have welcomed many new families

throughout our four Open Days Tours. The highlight of this has been the students leading these tours. Year 4

students and staff attended a successful overnight Camp to Sovereign Hill. Enormous thanks to the staff who

came to camp Nadine Bolton, Teresa Hogan, Sofie Markstedt and John Sandy, leaving their own families to

supervise our students with such care and energy! Also enormous thanks to the staff at school who

maintained the high expectations and academic programs while we were away for the two days. Special

thanks to Louise Bolton, Cassie Jensen and Alex Keisler who so competently stepped into my shoes to keep

our wonderful school running so smoothly.


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