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18 August 2023

Updated: Jan 17

A message from our Principal Angie Mastoras

The Sound of Musicals

It is hard to believe that only two weeks ago, we were preparing for the School Production. It certainly was a magnificent event that showcased every child in our school. So many varying skills and talents that were brought together by the expertise of Trish O'Gorman. Truly sensational. Sincere thanks to Trish, the students, the staff and

families who contributed to the success of this production!! What a night to remember.

The New Build

The time is finally here!! As I write this from a temporary office, we begin to relocate the office area, staffroom, IT office and Leadership Offices to the STEAM room!! We are going to be one cosy family!! Thank you to all the staff and students and of course families for supporting this venture and we look forward to our builders beginning on 28 August!! We are mindful not to have many disruptions or distractions during this time and appreciate your understanding to make St Roch's an even better school environment!!

Principal Conference to Darwin

As you know a group of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) East-Central Region principals recently visited Darwin and the Tiwi Islands to better understand Indigenous culture and the work of the Church in a remote context. With the focus of our professional learning for 2023 on developing Indigenous cultural competency and principal wellbeing, we were based in Darwin for five days to explore the theme ‘The people, the history and us’, which included a visit to Bathurst Island. While on Bathurst Island, local principals Rhett Bowden (Xavier Catholic College) and Kellie McGinlay (Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School), along with Sisters Amelia Fatima and Anne Gardiner, shared their experiences, underlining the important role of the Catholic schools and St Therese’s Church in the local community. Inspired by their work, as a network we are undertaking community action to raise funds for the restoration of St Therese’s Church on Bathurst Island through a ‘Walk for Tiwi’. We are also completing the Indigenous Cultural Competency Program through Melbourne Museum. The experience in Darwin and the Tiwi Islands has deepened our knowledge while reconnecting with nature. Read more about the incredible contribution of Sister Anne Gardiner to the Bathurst Island community in A life’s mission. We look forward to fundraising for this restoration with a Gold Coin donation on Friday, 16 September 2023 - Our Footy Day. Stay tuned for a great activity that Marjie King will coordinate on the day amongst other exciting things planned for the day. Please note school ends at 1.00pm on this day.

Newsletter 18 August 2023
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