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1 April 2021

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 5 1 April 2021
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We look forward to this break - a time to reflect and celebrate the many opportunities and experiences provided during Term 1. We take this opportunity to thank the classroom teachers, the Learning Support Officer, our Specialists, our Office Managers, the Leadership Team, Father Gallacher, our community, the Parents and Friends Committee and our students for their energy and enthusiasm that is always present.

Our new playground is coming along and it is wonderful to hear the children talk about the new addition to our school with wonder and excitment. We cannot wait to see the children explore and interact with our new play area.

This week we saw our school gather together to reenact the events of Holy Week. We are very much looking forward to the Year 2's reenacting the final part of Holy Week in week 1 next term.

Have a safe and happy holidays!


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