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1 April 2022

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 1 April 2022
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As we prepare for the last week of term, we acknowledge all of the work and commitment that goes into the many successes of the last term, most importantly, the opportunities to gather as a community at school, at Mass, on the weekends or weeknights. The smiles on our students’ faces display the happiness that surrounds our schools. We are grateful for the positive comments such as, ‘You can feel the warmth!’ received lately from visitors to our school.

It was wonderful to see our Year 3 students and their families join together over the 2 sessions for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We pray that this experience will be the first of many opportunities to receive Reconciliation, and that the experiences of receiving God’s grace and forgiveness may continue for every student and their families.

In this weeks newsletter we celebrate Mathematics in St Roch's. Each Mathematics lesson begins with ‘Tool Time’ session. These often involve counting or games to reinforce number concepts. The pictures in our newsletter show Prep, Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 students participating in games to build understanding and fluency. Both of these activities come Number and Algebra strand.


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