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26 May 2023

Updated: Jan 17

From our Principal

Dear Families

Keeping St Roch’s Safe during Cold and Flu Season

It is always important for us to stay as healthy as possible while navigating the cold and flu season. Below you will find a message from the Chief Health Officer about COVID-19.

This is a gentle reminder to parents and carers not to send unwell children to school. Ultimately a few extra days allowing them to recover will be of great benefit as viruses can spread quickly.

Sincere thanks to a past parent (Nadim Taoum) for supporting our staff with the administration of the flu injections


We have a limited supply of RAT Kits at the school. Please visit the Office or email if you would like a kit sent home in your child’s school bag.

School Review

We have recently completed the St Roch's Parish Primary School Review process.

There are 2 components of the Review process.

The first component is based around school 'Improvement'. Through self-assessment, reflection and evidence collection, schools consider their school improvement through the four-year continuous improvement process. This supports the development and implementation of a new four-year School Improvement Plan.

The second component is based around School Compliance. Through verification of the minimum standards and other requirements for registration, Child Safe Standards and other State and Commonwealth government requirements for Victorian Catholic schools, both schools and MACS are ensuring that external legislative and regulatory requirements are being met.

Craig Tanner joined us last week for 2 days, discussing these components and also meeting with staff, student panels and parent panels. Initial feedback from Craig has given us many reasons to celebrate the great 'Learning and Teaching' that is occurring in the classrooms. We will also be sharing some exciting opportunities as we plan our next 4 Year 'School Improvement Plan'.

A huge thank you to Father Gallacher and our staff for their time and contribution towards this process.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Briglia Family at the moment after the loss of their nephew and cousin last week.

We hope Nicolle, Gareth, Julian and Joab and their extended family find comfort during this sad time.

Thoughts and Prayers

We pray for a past parent of our school, Marlo McCarthy, mother of Freddie and George and wife to the late Tony Walshe. We know her positivity will help give them all strength during this difficult time.

Warmest regards

Angie Mastoras


Newsletter 26 May 2023
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