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28 April 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 28 April 2023
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We hope you all have had a very happy Easter. This afternoon we celebrated Easter with the reenactment of the final part of the Easter Story. Our Years 1 and 2 supported by their classroom teachers, Alex Granland and Nirmala Manning retold the resurrection of Jesus, ‘Alleluia, He is Risen’ and we were all so proud of the students.

On Monday 25 April, we gathered as a staff for a Religious Dimension Staff Faith Formation Day. Louise Bolton (Leader of School Improvement) led a productive day of learning, team building and prayer and we were privileged to have Father Gallacher present to us on this day. His knowledge of Scripture and the History of the Church always inspires our staff. We were able to unpack our school motto: “Virtue Alone is Noble”. Alex Keisler and myself presented sessions around Wellbeing and the Religious Curriculum. Staff built their knowledge around the Cardinal and Theological virtues and made links with the Religious Dimension Curriculum. An important component of our teaching is to engage our students at a personal and community level by being outward facing. As a staff, we were mesmerised by two young adult parishioners who shared the work they do to support those in need in our local area. All in all a wonderful day.

EXCITING NEWS!! Watch This Space!

I am pleased to let you know that our application to the Planning Building and Finance Committee to MELBOURNE ARCHDIOCESE OF CATHOLIC SCHOOLS has been approved.

Our quest to renovate the House into an Administration, Staffroom, Staff and Children’s Toilets, STEM/Art/Multipurpose area and to join the two buildings as one to cater for our growing school has been realised.

We have passed Step 1 - Project for Feasibility Appraisal and now await Step 2 - Project for Approval which I am told is a formality. The application to self-fund has also been approved and as soon as I receive final documentation we will proceed with the loan to self-fund this project. Thank you for your contributions that has made this possible. Your children will reap the benefits of this project.

We look forward to sharing more information as we go forward. A Master Plan Committee will work closely with us to ensure that all voices are heard. If you would like to reach out the committee consists of: James and Kimberley Bawden, Louisa McCann, Julie Meseha, Gerard and Mariyam Sayers, Dee McInerney and

Daniel Mount. We are most grateful for their support.


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