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2 December 2022

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 2 December 2022
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The beginning of Advent marks the beginning of a new liturgical year in the Church. It was lovely to join the parish last Sunday for this beginning of the Liturgical Year and to join everyone at the farewell morning tea for Rhys Lowther. Rhys has been a constant face at St Roch's and has supported the school in so many ways. We wish Rhys all the very best on his travels and time at the seminary before he is ordained a priest.

What a celebration of Drama it was in the St Roch’s Hall today, as the whole school gathered to be in the audience for Theatresports. The Year 5/6 students were the stars of the show. They acted their hearts out, creating scenes for performance. But one thing was missing....the script! Each team had to improvise their way through scenes - and they did an amazing job. Big thanks to Jim Russell, an actor who was our 'judge' for the afternoon and he had some difficult decisions to make in deciding the winners for the day.

We look forward to the Year 5/6 Economics Fair, Year 6 Big Day out and our Carols evening next week.


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