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31 March 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 31 March 2023
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Dear Families

Our students have participated in so many events this last fortnight. The Swimming Program over the last two

weeks has been terrific by all accounts and we know that many children will be sleeping soundly this

weekend, as well as a few teachers!!

The Year 6 students have enjoyed another layer to enhance their leadership program with their attendance at

the GRIP Leadership Conference. The GRIP Student Leadership Conference is unique in that it concentrates

specifically on training student leaders for their role as School Leaders. The style, topics, and content of this

conference all focus on what the students can do right now. The hope was for students to leave the

conference with a clear vision, a solid understanding and dozens of ideas for their time as a leader. We look

forward to hearing from our school leaders over the year to come.


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