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3 February 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 3 February 2023
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Our first newsletter for 2023!

What a wonderful beginning to our year on Wednesday! It was so lovely to see so many families on that morning as we all welcomed our students who were returning to St Roch’s or beginning at St Roch’s in 2023.

The Year Prep students delighted us on the FIRST day of school and we welcome the siblings of students at St Roch’s as well as the new families in Prep.

We are grateful to Jess Mount (P&F President), Charlotte Moore & Emily Nugent (Year 1 Class Representatives) and our Year 1 families who supported the wonderful Morning Tea on Wednesday. We hope the Prep families did not need to use the tissues supplied in the Tears & Tissues Bag that Sue Shanahan provided for you. Starting Prep is such a crucial event for young children and their families as they transition from home and kindergarten into the formal environment. We hope your experience has been warm and welcoming.


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