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4 December 2020

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 4 December 2020
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It excites us that we have been able to celebrate key milestones in our students faith journey in the last two weeks, despite the unexpected changes we have encountered this year. Congratulations to our Year 3 students who completed their first Reconciliation and our Year 4 students who completed their first Holy Communion over the last two weeks.

We also celebrated St Roch's 90th Anniversary with an incursion for our students. Thanks to KABOOM! our students participated in a variety of games and challenges.

Our new Prep students attended their final orientation day on Tuesday 1st of December. A fantastic opportunity to welcome old and new families and connect with a coffee at the park across from the school again. Thank you to Sue Shanahan and the team for organising a calm and exciting transition program for our new Preps, we cannot wait to see them again next year.


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