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4 March 2021

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 3 4 March 2021
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This week that our Prep students have only been at school for 18 days!! This means that our Years 1 to 6 students have been at school for 21 days! It is astounding to think that in those short weeks we have accomplished so much. The Open Day Tours on Tuesday 2 March were a huge success led by our Year 6 leaders and one of our current parents (Thank you Louisa!). The Year 6 leaders conducted tours proudly showcasing the wonderful students, staff and work that happens at St Roch’s. Parents were amazed with the knowledge and pride with which these students showed them our school.

Classroom teachers have spent a great deal of time each day over the past six weeks establishing a positive classroom environment. They have created opportunities for the students to get to know each other's strengths and interests and established ways of working to promote respectful relationships within the classroom.


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