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5 November 2021

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 5 November 2021
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The classrooms are filled with banter and excitement, as are our corridors and playgrounds. We are thrilled to have our students back at school. Our Year 1 students are exploring writing persuasive texts. They have begun to use their powers of persuasion to write convincing pieces to ensure the audience agrees with their point of view. The Year 2 students took the opportunitity to re connect with Father Gallacher this week as they explored ways they can connect to community and improve the wellbeing of others.

A message from our Principal, Angie Mastoras

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing staff at St Roch's. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to your children is unfaltering and I am very proud to be a part of this spectacular school. I would also like to thank you - the parents who have walked, sat, worked alongside your children, the staff and me over the last four months. Thank you!

I have also appreciated the advice from Father Gallacher, the School Advisory Council, Nadine Bolton as Deputy Principal and the leadership team - Louise Bolton (Religious Education & Learning & Teaching Leader), John Sandy (Mathematics Leader) and Cassie Jensen (IT & Digital Technologies Leader who have supported any decisions that have supported the wellbeing of your children.

A final shout out to the following members of our staff who need to be named as well: Jane Adams, Simone Karpin, Alex Kiesler, Teresa Hogan, Matt Crowe, Sofie Markstedt-Purcell, Rachel Gray, Jo Carter, Penny Hansen, Maddie Wakeling, Sue Shanahan, Alison Swift, Carmel Rozario, Libby Aitken, Lisa Wavell-Smith and Pauline Flinn. Lynette Brugliera and Marcus Page have been a constant throughout this year as well.


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