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6 October 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 6 October 2023
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It was so lovely to welcome your children and each of you back to St Roch’s after the holidays.

Term 4 provides opportunities to reflect on the past year and what we have achieved and look with hopefulness to the future as we prepare for the next school year.

I am filled with anticipation for Term 4 and all that we have to look forward to…long standing community events such as the St Roch’s Bush Dance, which we have missed in recent years, the School Spirits Twilight Sports, the St Roch’s Carols and class assemblies from Year 1G, 4M, the Remembrance Day Assembly, the Highlights Assembly and of course, the Prep Nativity Assembly.

Welcoming new prep students and their families to St Roch’s at the 2024 Prep Parent Evening and Prep transitions sessions is always a highlight of Term 4. The new preps and their families bring new energy and are full of new possibilities. All of which make Term 4 a special term!


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