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7 May 2021

Updated: Jan 17

Newsletter 7 May 2021
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Welcome to you all this morning. It truly is an honour to have so many of our Mums and special persons here today to celebrate what is probably one of the most important roles in your children’s lives. It is difficult to describe the intense love a mother has for her children, a love that is unconditional, pure and unselfish.

Last Sunday's Working Bee was another display of the amazing community we have at St Roch's. With over 40 Year 1 and 2 parents, children, siblings attending - as one father said to me - it shows the commitment we have and how proud we are of our school. Thank you to Andrew Crowley and the many families who supported this working bee!

We were thrilled to introduce Dr Katie Allen MP Federal Member for Higgins and Phillip Pearse to our students on Wednesday's 2CB Assembly. She congratulated two of our students for entering the Higgins ANZAC Day Poetry Competition. William Grace (Year 5H) was awarded 2nd Place in this year's competition.


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