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17 September 2021 (Special Edition)

Updated: Jan 17

Today we celebrated the last day of Term 3, 2021 with our annual Footy Colours Day. Whilst we weren't in person to celebrate our football teams each class gathered online in their football team's colours and the students participates in football themed activities for the day. Thank you to our Year 6 House Leaders and Physical Education Teacher Marjie King for preparing the wonderful day!

Here is a message from our Principal:

Congratulations on making it through another unusual Term. You should be so proud of what you have achieved again in trying times. We hope you all get a chance to Rest, Reflect, Reset and Refresh before we commence Term 4.

Whilst no-one could have predicted what this term would be like at the beginning of Term 3, we are grateful for our learning during this term and for the health and safety of all. We thank all of our staff, children and family members for the level of shared support that has been evident throughout the past weeks. This week we have celebrated so much remotely and participated in the Family Prayer Night, the Virtual Book Parade and so much more. On behalf of Father Gallacher, Nadine and the WHOLE staff, thank you again for your continued support!!


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